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Dog Obedience Training

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Stephanie - Dog Patch I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of my fur babies! Lola, Frankie & Bruno are my children so I get a bit leary of leaving them with someone new. i have to say, when we first walked in, we felt at ease and very comfortable being greeted with a warm welcome. My fur babies are not an easy bunch. Our oldest, Lola, has epilepsy and requires 1 pill twice a day. Frankie is a bit skittish & Bruno is very demanding. They have their own personalities. It's important to me that anyone who cares for my dogs understands the care they need. The front desk lady, Jo, was very friendly & loving towards my dogs. First impressions are very important.

My dogs are all little so I like for them to all be together in one large kennel. That was not an issue at all. Since they are little, they are a bit frightened of the big dogs. I asked if it'd be possible for the little dogs to go outside and play separately from the big dogs. I know I sound like a nervous nelly... and you know what, I am! Dog Patch was very assuring and accommodating.

We boarded them for a long weekend and was pleasantly surprised to received texts and photos of my happy dogs. Love that personal touch!

After picking them up, Lola, Frankie & Bruno all came out with smiles on their faces. Such a great experience! Thank you & we'll be back soon!








Colleen Maurer - 5 star Frank has got to be one of the best, if not the best trainer in the area. The training program he offers is worth every penny. And Auntie Jo has taken such good care of our fur babies while they were at Dog Patch. We can't express our gratitude enough to both Frank & Jo!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!


Steven Polk - 5 star This place takes seriously good care of your puppies. We have done both boarding and training. Frank is hands down the best trainer in the area.


Sarah Williamson - Would recommend this place To everyone! The difference in being able to control our dog, and him listening to what we say, is like night and day from the time we dropped him off, until we picked him up. Great people who know what they are doing when it comes to training dogs.


Valarie Pampel -  Frank did an amazing job training my 4-5 month old Vizsla & Jo was very loving while Otto was at his home away from home. I am so proud of how well behaved our puppy is since he graduated from Dog Patch. I highly recommend their services!


Phil Duke - Frank did an amazing job with my Newfoundland, Duncan. He was a dog that couldn't be contained. Now, I can walk around my neighborhood without needing a leash! Thanks, Frank & Jo!


Melissa Volkman -5 star We couldn't have picked a better trainer. Frank is AMAZING at what he does.

Our Great Dane Charley graduated from the obedience training program a few days ago and has been an absolute gem in our new house. We finally have our life back and can enjoy our big boy instead of feeling like we have to shelter him from situations to avoid embarrassment we would endure by his bad manners.

One of our biggest worries was bringing him to our new home for the first time (we moved from California to St Augustine while he was in training) and him acting up in front of our new neighbors. Everyone is complimenting us on how beautiful and well trained he is , and that is so rewarding. All his old/bad habits are long gone and we have Frank to thank for that ! I would recommend him to absolutely anyone. Matter of fact, we went ahead and enrolled our 6 year old Chihuahua into the program ! Even though we live 6 hours away, we've decided that all training and boarding will be with Frank at Dog Patch. Thank you so much !!!!